Velocicolor is a boutique branding and communications agency providing sound strategy and tailored design solutions for a wide range of clients.


Our MicroNetwork.

Our clients and partners come together for a collective harmonic of personally recommended products and services. What follows is a sample list of key players we bring to the table when needed.


Branding & Typography

Former Velocicolor Partner and ænsemble Co-founder, Ole Sorensen, collaborates with Velocicolor on branding projects and custom typography.

Aquifer Films

Animation & Cartooning

As Creative Director of Aquifer Films, Simon Ampel has collaborated with Velocicolor on animated digital shorts.

The Dutch

Animation Production

As an Art Director, Motion Graphics Artist, Compositor, and Animator for his own company, The Dutch, Robert Jan de Vries, has collaborated with Velocicolor on hyper realistic animations.

Little Tiger

Animation Concepting

As Creative Director of Little Tiger, Azin Shamma has consulted with Velocicolor on hyper realistic animations.

Punch Drunk Productions

Video Production & Live Events

Jacob Stone, owner of Punch Drunk Productions, consults with Velocicolor on NorthWest based live events and video production.

Amy Johnson


As a food photography specialist, Amy Johnson collaborates with Velocicolor on food & restaurant lifestyle photoshoots.

Jessica Aw

Translations & Asian Character Design.

As an Asian American with fluency in Mandarin and Cantonese, Jessica has consulted with Velocicolor on our Chinese based branding and communications projects.

Get to know us.

Relationships are the cornerstone.

Lead by Bradley W. Bishop MFADT, Velocicolor offers to help people – those who make up the body of any company – to discover and express that company's unique brand through compelling communications and engaging interactivity. Using sound strategy and tailored design solutions, Velocicolor helps develop the aesthetic and cultivate the voice emanating from that brand. During collaborations with agencies, internal and external creatives at companies ranging from start-ups to industry leaders such as Microsoft, AT&T, and TBS, we enjoy the relationships that build and the positive feedback that ensues.

Velocicolor leverages those relationships in a network of strategic partners and clients we call the ænsemble – individuals and companies who come together as needed to enhance and build upon our suite of services:
Branding, Communications, Interactive, and Advertising.

We are nimble, malleable, tangible, and personal – and because of our strategic partnerships we can grow and shrink according to the size of the project proposed. Bring together the full spectrum of our talents; open up the blue sky hiding behind the clouds; and give us the speed and technology of light – that is Velocicolor.

Give Bradley W. Bishop MFADT a call at 206.419.3547 or email him at:




Velocicolor was founded on the notion that the stories we tell can bring tangibility and value to any company's offerings. To generate and sustain prolonged public attention for your brand, we build positive public perception, embedding your company, it's products and services into compelling stories using every type of media.
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Guess what: You already have a brand. Even if you never asked for one.

The brand of a company is the impression held in the mind of its founders, partners, employees, vendors, and of course, its customers, when they come into contact with that company. Even if you have a start-up, or rather just a good idea for a start-up, your brand is already in it's formative stage. Velocicolor is positioned to help craft the interactions that form those impressions, with a unique visual quality and a value driven, efficient, positive, and compelling experience.

To begin with, the Brand Marks we deliver are visually clean and simple upon first impression, yet they can reveal untold complexity once pondered. They are unique yet legible. They are custom and trademarkable. They are engineered from the beginning to work in a variety of environments, from low resolution online contexts to large printed materials and animated multi-media. Ideally we get to extend the brand into a family of related visual elements, including Product Line Brand Marks, Iconography, Patterns, and Photo Imagery, all of which combine into a Brand Guideline that acts as a starting point for a more consistent experience. This family of visual assets is then available as a resource as we work with our clients to build their digital collateral such as Websites, Media Rich Email, Social Media, Broadcast, etc., as well as their physical collateral such as the Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes, Brochures, Newsletters, Signage, etc.
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As Principal of Velocicolor, Founder of Krying Sky, Partner at Design Alchemy, and Creative Director at Proffer Productions, Bradley W. Bishop MFADT designed and built more than 30 ad campaigns, 40 commercial websites, and 30 corporate identities. He has directed, designed and edited more than 50 digital videos, and produced over 50 various live performances.
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