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Storytelling. Check it out.

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It defines us, all of us.

Please take a moment to check out the animation above.

As you can see, the meaning of something can transform dramatically as it moves from one context to the next. This is never more true than when we place something in the context of a story.

Velocicolor was founded on the notion that the stories we tell can bring tangibility and value to any company's offerings. To generate and sustain prolonged public attention for your brand, we build positive public perception, embedding your company, it's products and services into compelling stories using every type of media.


Why use the story?

From the dawn of civilization on every continent, humankind has reveled in the drunken lure of the story. Stories lull us into easy slumber and slap us with crazed paranoia. They haunt us with fear, shame, and regret and fill us with hope, glory, and promise. Our greatest leaders shout them at the top of their lungs and our worst enemies burn them to escape from their wrath.

Stories are the protectors of truth and the spinners of deception, crossing every boundary of culture and every type of media. With their power we can transform almost anything into almost anything, and we are storytellers.

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